Kvadrat Technicolour Fleece Rug
The Kvadrat Technicolour Fleece Rug features random sparks of colour, matching those used to mark sheep, which are randomly sprinkled across a natural-coloured ground. The irregular surface paired with a double-wash finishing process opens the pile, and gives the Fleece a soft surface that recalls natural fleece.



Coco Flip


Founded by Kate Stokes and Haslett Grounds in 2010, Coco Flip is built on its nurtured relationships with talented craftspeople who share their ethos of patience and dedication to detail. Together, creating furniture and lighting products with personality that last a lifetime.

Bellini Collection!

Named after the classic cocktail, Bellini is an ode to European summers — inspired by cocktails at golden hour, nostalgic beachside awnings, and last swims.

The collection offers a versatile range of bench seats, stools, and low tables, all accented by an undulating trim. Powder-coated steel frames are paired with wide corduroy upholstery or solid timber tops, providing a nostalgic sense of luxury.

Marz - Aurelia Surface Sconce
Suitable as a wall light or ceiling light in both residential and commercial projects, the Aurelia Surface Sconce is defined by its distinctive bell-shaped translucent body, and much like its namesake — the moon jellyfish (aurelia aurita) — the delicate Aurelia floats effortlessly, offering an otherworldly ambience to any interior. Available in white and jade onyx stone.
Aurelia Surface Sconce
The Light Room
Brompton Hotel
Clovercrest Hotel