The Alfresco outdoor bench collection includes seating from single stools up to bench seats for up to a maximum of five and is designed as a match for the Alfresco outdoor table collection or as a stand-alone piece. The bench is designed to slide neatly beneath the Alfresco picnic tables to create more deck space for dancing or for when it’s time to sweep up after the party.

Also suitable for healthcare and sports venues, bleach and detergent tolerant.

Suitable to live outdoors UV Stabilized

Alfresco benches are available in the following sizes:

  • Bench 22 single seater 559mmL x 374mm x 445mmH
  • Bench 47 two seater 1193mmL
  • Bench 58 three seater 1473mmL
  • Bench 68 four seater 1727mmL
  • Bench 81 five seater bench 2057mmL
Various standard sizes available
Up to 31Kg